Coffee Syrup Recipes

Every culture and country seems to have their own way of preparing their favourite cup of coffee. Choose your Virtù flavour and take a step closer to a perfect cup.

The espresso forms the base of many of the favoured coffee creations. The espresso is a strong coffee served in a small, demitasse (3 oz) cup. If your espresso has been perfectly brewed, the surface will be covered with a thick, foamy, golden brown crema. The espresso is the foundation for a wide variety of speciality coffee drinks such as the Cappuccino and Frappuccino.
Virtù Cappuccino Classic

CappuccinoShot of espresso
1 shot of Virtù syrup of your choice.
Frothed milk

If you wish to garnish the drink try sprinkling powdered cocoa or cinnamon on top.

Virtù Latte Lovers

LatteShot of espresso
1 shot of Virtù syrup of your choice
Steamed milk

Add your choice of Virtù syrup flavour to the espresso and pour into the steamed milk. Top with a thin layer of foamed milk for a lovely frothy flavoured latte. Try hazelnut and gingerbread together!

Virtù Americano Lovers

EspressoShot of espresso
1 shot of Virtù syrup of your choice
Boiling water
Cream (if required (an americano is served 'black' so technically speaking milk/cream should be requested))

Combine the espresso and syrup in a cup, add boiling water. Add a special touch by floating a layer of thick cream over the back of a spoon.

Nuts About Virtù Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee1 shot of Virù Irish Cream syrup
1 shot of Virtù Hazelnut syrup
1 cup dark brewed coffee
2 Tbsp. milk
Whipped cream for topping

Add the Virtù syrup to the coffee and milk and stir. Gently float whipped cream on top.