Sensational Sauces

Ben and Jerry's opportunity for Virtù range including new sauces

The weather may be cold but the future is far from frosty with the new business developments with Ben & Jerry’s. The ice cream giants with global outlets have taken on Virtù syrups, sauces and are looking in to milkshakes to make the most of the Virtù range.

New Virtù sauces have been developed using the best natural ingredients and ethically and environmentally sourced packaging.

The new sauces being created for Ben & Jerry’s include milk chocolate, white chocolate, banana and strawberry. The sauces are completely sugar free and use natural fruit extracts to sweeten the sauce rather than an artificial alternative.
Talks between the companies began in February 2008, and from this point Virtù now supplies still and carbonated water and three syrups to the UK outlets, these include: Caramel, Vanilla and Hazelnut.

The development of the sauces is for use as dessert toppings and fillings for Ben & Jerry’s although the company is also looking into using the new sauce with drinks, as well as the syrups supplied.
Other products that are being developed include an iced coffee blend based on real coffee but caffeine free, an over the counter milkshake in ‘slushy’ style and a natural diabetic ice cream with fruit extracts being used instead of sugar.

Currently Virtù is being sold in three flagship stores in the UK, the next move is for the 250 national cinema outlets - then on to the 350 international/European outlets, looking to then move onto USA markets.

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