About Us

Virtù is an ethically based company that creates and develops novel, functional food and beverages.

The first product is a collection of premium based flavoured syrups for use in coffee and tea that is completely natural with nothing but natural ingredients. The alternatives often include a host of chemicals, additives and e-numbers that are arguably neither safe nor healthy.

For all the information regarding the Virtú syrup's nutritional values check out the 'Nutrition ' section of the site.

Mission Statement

Virtù is an ethically based brand producing healthy alternatives with the right ingredients the right way.

As well as using only natural ingredients in its products and avoiding artificial sweeteners, its offices are based in a sustainable development that incorporates a high efficiency boiler, a high level of insulation, natural ventilation, solar water heating, photo voltaic electricity generation, recyclable materials, rain water recycling and an energy producing wind-turbine. Estimated saving 58.6 tonnes of CO2 per year

The Virtù Syrups...

The concentrated formula reduces the weight and volume of the product. This, along with the light weight PET bottle, means less transportation is required to ship quantities which reduces carbon emissions by taking more lorries off the road.

The contents of the Virtú syrups are completely biodegradable so completely safe to put on your compost heap... not that you'd ever want to.