Winner of the Business Against All Odds sponsored by HSBC

This award goes to the business or entrepreneur who the judges feel have faced and overcome significant adversity. Entrants will be asked to explain the obstacles they have had to overcome to start the business, the background and future projections for the business.

Stephen Bickley took the Business Against All Odds award. In October 2000, Stephen was left with severe disabilities following a serious car accident, shortly after which he developed an intolerance to many foods. Despite lacking confidence, he dug deep, carrying out detailed research to develop a range of ingredients, food and beverages.

A medically retired police officer with a keen interest in sports and nutrition, Stephen launched his business - The Food Detectives Limited - in July 2005, after helping write a best-selling, low GI diet book. “I decided that enough was enough and I spent a couple of years developing ingredients and sourcing ingredients which could be used by people who suffered from food allergies,” he said.

Stephen’s company’s first product is a new brand Virtù – the first products released are natural flavoured syrups that can be used in a range of beverages and foods and still and carbonated water. Then he aims to offer work to housebound people with disabilities.

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