It's a Virtù World

The Virtù brand is the creation of a highly ethically based company, priding itself on the quality of every aspect of its product base. Using unique manufacturing technology and 100% natural ingredients, the Virtù coffee syrups, and associated products, provide unrivalled excellence.

Delicious in your coffee, tea, desserts, hot and cold drinks, alcoholic and non-alcohol cocktails or your favourite recipes.

  • 100% natural
  • Free from artificial sweeteners
  • Free from artificial colourings
  • Free from artificial flavourings
  • Free from artificial preservatives
  • Ready to use hot or cold
  • Low glycemic index (below 35) and reduced calories
  • Nut flavourings contain no allergens
  • Nutritional and microbiological certification
  • Environmentally sound product

Ecoware - Compostable Tableware

Virtù supply compostable and recyclable alternatives to non-renewable products. These eco-friendly compostable products include Cups, Tableware, Standard Food Containers, Large Food Containers and Recyclable Bags.

Materials include corn starch or potato starch (renewable crops) as a plastic product/coating substitute (PLA). See below for more of our innovative compostable materials.

PLA - PLA is a natural plastic made from corn starch and is an ideal replacement for oil-based plastic products. These include films, thermorformed items such as cups and deli pots, and also injection-moulded products.
- Is a combination of PLA, chalk and other biodegradable additives. CPLA is suitable for high-heat applications such as making cutlery and hot cup lids, as it can take temperatures of up to 95°C without any deformation. PLA in its natural state is not suitable for high-heat uses, as it deforms with heat above 60°C.
- Bagasse is the dry fibrous residue left once sugar cane fibre has been pressed for juice. It is ideal for producing tableware due to its inherent strength, and can be considered a “tree-free” paper. Being a waste material means this is a low impact option.
Recycled Paper
- All of our paper products, such as napkins and paper carrier bags, are manufactured in the UK out of 100 % recycled paper pulp.
Kraft Board
- We purchase kraft board items with as high a recycled content where possible. Our paper board products are all UK-made.
Natureboard - A compostable cellophane made from sustainably-sourced wood pulp. Natureflex has a high oxygen barrier, making it ideal for a multitude of food packaging applications.